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Help you to create your own stand-alone macros to easily launch your favorite commands in an instant.KEYMACRO makes all the hard work easy and it allows you to create macros with keyboard shortcuts that will run the selected command. KEYMACRO also supports hot keys such as Alt+F4, Ctrl+W, etc. Access more than 25 built-in hot Read More

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✔Automatically generate unique and randomly selected MAC address’s for each network device ✔Upload / download files using SSH or HTTP protocols ✔Run as a Windows Service ✔User friendly ✔Wake On LAN ✔Easily replace devices on your network if they fail ✔Can be upgraded and customized to suit your needs ✔Multilingual ✔Online documentation ✔Works with other Read More


-Show thumbnail of PSD / EPS files only in Explorer (only in thumbnails view). -Show thumbnail of PSD / EPS files in other applicatons. May 2011 PS+Ai Thumbs v1.0.3 Changelog: -Fixed typo in desktop description. -Fixed typo in «Ai Thumbs V1.0.3» inside Description dialog. -Added «Show thumbnail only in Explorer» to PS+Ai Thumbs menu (Tools Read More

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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro program for various Windows versions. The program’s features include keystroke repetition and playback, a large number of configurable keys, and the ability to play sounds. KEYMACRO User Guide: To begin using this program, click the Launch button on the program’s toolbar. If you have any difficulty, refer to the KEYMACRO Read More

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What’s new in this release: Version – Fixed a problem with equalizer presets – Added a convenience option to close the «Convert to MP3» button – Fixed a problem with the Default Settings dialog – Fixed a problem when adding an output folder to the project – Fixed an issue with the Delete confirmation Read More

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-m:MetaFile tells FTVALID to read the meta file when validating the input file. -u:UniqueFields tells FTVALID to treat each line of the input file as unique field set. This option can be used to validate a file that does not have unique fields. -i: Input file is read line by line. -h: Shows this message. Read More

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Webkinz and other online games contain a lot of features that make them fun to play, and today’s more popular browsers are getting better and better at supporting them too. One of the most interesting of these features is that of being able to watch videos in the browser. There are various ways to do Read More

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· Menu Visibility Left and Right-Key Down = Controls menu visibility Shift + Left and Right-Key Up = EPG and Volume control visibility · Menu control Shift + Right-Key Down = EPG control Shift + Left-Key Up = Channel number control · Volume control Left-Key Up = Turns down Right-Key Up = Turns up · Read More

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KeyMacro is a Windows utility designed to assist users in encoding a video file to a series of macro-enabled DVDs. The tool allows you to specify the program output options (for example, the number of copies, the maximum size of each DVD, the language, etc.) as well as setting up the encoding settings. For instance, Read More

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